Auto Sales Dialer (ASD)


The Troparé Auto Sales Dialer (ASD) is your virtual call-center assistant.  Easily upload a list of leads into this online call tool and dial directly from its interface with ‘one-click’ dialing, or let it dial your list for you via its ‘auto-dialing’ ability.

The ASD is most effective in alignment with the Desktop Sales Explorer (DSE). Numbers dialed are directly matched with consumer and business data, immediately pulling up available pre-compiled key account and/or company details, previous prospect/customer interaction, related news stories, marketing campaign data, industry content, competitor reviews, and more  —  ready for your viewing prior to making a call.

Cold Calling Made Hot!


Streamline your workflow

Instantly connect to the Troparé Desktop Sales Explorer (DSE) and manage your entire list of leads in one place.

One-click dialing

Call directly from the ASD interface, avoiding misdials and outdated phone numbers.

Improved efficiency and productivity

Directly match phone numbers with consumer/business data and review relevant lead information prior to making a call.

Tracking features

Keep track of call history and flag leads for future call campaigns.

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