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Clean, accurate, and comprehensive customer and prospect data is what drives every current day marketing and sales endeavor.  Troparé data preparation and enhancement services allow you to amplify your customer insights and data quality as a whole by updating, adding, matching, and/or appending missing information to your customer records, along with thoroughly cleansing, preparing, parsing, standardizing, visualizing and processing your data.

We take 'merge/purge' to a whole new level.

Enrich Your Customer Insights and Understanding

Our services result in:

Clean data

We offer a vast array of tools and services to cleanse and enhance your data – expanding the profitability of your business operations.

A deeper understanding of your data

Expand your existing insights by integrating, (fuzzy) matching, and/or appending additional third-party data with your current customer records.

Saved time & money

Stop wasting resources on incorrect, duplicate, and outdated information; good data quality will increase your ability to segment and target more accurately.

A single unique company identifier

Repeatedly integrate, append, (fuzzy) match, and merge/purge disparate data while keeping a constant single unique identifier per record.

Increased engagement and better prospecting

Clean data reduces prospect and customer defection and improves overall brand image and response rates, as well as the ability and accuracy to predict future behavior.

Prepare & Enhance Your Data!

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