Territory Management


Troparé Territory Management combines enhanced clustering algorithms with predictive performance indicators to (auto)-assign optimized sales territories compatible with, but not dependent on, any of the large CRM providers.  Visualize, analyze, optimize, and manage your sales territories through smart and efficient area assignments.

Newly assigned territories, updates, edits, alerts, and more can be directly published and pushed to the outside sales representatives’ mobile application in real-time.  Likewise, representatives can input sales disposition and activity data on the fly, instantly updating your CRM and territory management files, creating a closed loop workflow.

Maximize Conversion Through Smart and Efficient Area Assignments


Territory Management on Computer Screen

User Interface

Create, assign, or edit territories using simple radial selection tools and smooth point-and-click and drag-and-drop features.  Apply ‘what-if’ analysis for optimal efficiency with instant prospect/customer count updates during any alignment.

CRM Compatibility

Feed in and overlap real-time data sources deriving from disparate locations to get a comprehensive overview of your target market.  Export territory alignments into any CRM format and geographically visualize sales/territory performance.

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(Auto)-Territory Assignment

Assign balanced territories not just by zip-code, geo-region, product type, number of prospects, revenue, and physical travel distance, also include metrics such as purchase propensity, sales-rep expertise/track record, work-load, and industry growth forecasts.  Territories can be auto-populated based on pre-set criteria and thresholds.

Mobile application

Troparé Territory Management is designed to integrate seamlessly with Troparé mProspector™.  Push out new assignments, edit existing ones, or instantly communicate with sales reps about up-sell/cross-sell opportunities.  Reps can directly input disposition data, make check-ins, keep track of their mileage and much more, which is all directly stored into your CRM.