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  • darkblurbg
    defines a
    "Citizen Data Scientist"
     ‘as a person who creates or generates models that leverage predictive or prescriptive analytics but whose 
     primary job function is outside of the field of statistics and analytics. 
    windows, apple ios, android
    windows, apple ios, android

Take Control of Your Data.                                  

What if you could ‘Slice & Dice’ hundreds of millions of data records in a matter of seconds and output results to any format?

What if you could create micro-targeted marketing lists and campaigns, and instantly connect your sales teams with your most profitable target audience via mobile?

What if you could put your data to work for you, generating extremely accurate and effective predictions, segments, and campaigns via machine learning?

What if you could integrate massive amounts of disparate data to be combined, segmented, processed, and queried as a single entity - allowing you to utilize all of your data resources..

All without ever setting foot in an IT department!

Key Platform Benefits

  • Eliminate all Dependence on IT
  • Easily Integrate any Disparate Sources of Data
  • Segment and Query Massive Amounts of Data at Unprecedented Speed
  • Apply Machine Learning to Discover Useful Insights and Patterns to Make Actionable Predictions

'Consolidate all of your fragmented data processes into one unified solution'