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'Self-Service B2B Data Management and Mobile Prospecting Solutions'

Sales Professionals

Troparé empowers data-driven sales teams with a unique prospecting suite consisting of both native mobile and desktop sales acceleration solutions.

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Marketing Professionals

Data-driven marketers have access to a completely self-service data management studio consisting of ten (10) powerful closed-loop data solutions.

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Wrapped Into One Easy-to-Use Data Management Studio

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Troparé Benefits


Troparé offers a combination of sales intelligence, lead generation, mobile and adaptive sales enablement, data-driven marketing, and location-based prospecting — all wrapped into one easy-to-use, enterprise data management studio.  We develop all our software in-house, our platform and solutions are built to scale, and we have great flexibility in developing customized features.

Troparé empowers marketing and sales professionals to:

Troparé software on tablet, computer, and mobile