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Troparé offers a B2B enterprise data-management platform with best-in-class marketing, sales, and location-based predictive prospecting solutions that facilitate personal engagements at every customer interaction.

We take great pride in our ability to merge/purge and analyze massive amounts of disparate data, empower business professionals to overcome the challenges of working with big-data, align marketing and sales operations, and redefine personalized, predictive, location-based prospecting.

In addition to our solutions, Troparé partners with leading nationwide data providers whose clients struggle with preparing, operating, and processing massive amounts of data.  We help make their data actionable, and enable their clients to easily search for targeted leads, match up their own customer data, streamline the integration process, predict future campaign audiences, and more.

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*Additional Information

Troparé began publicly promoting itself in January 2016, after solely developing custom solutions for a select group of enterprise level customers for nearly a decade.

  • Troparé currently holds 12 technology patents and has an additional 5 pending.

  • Troparé is a Delaware corporation.

  • Troparé HQ is located two blocks from the ocean, allowing us to surf it day and night!