Marketing Professionals


With data fueling modern-day marketing, Troparé hands marketers the tools to operate, query, and master this phenomenon without requiring any technical expertise, background, or training.  Marketing professionals are able to single-handedly manage numerous sources of data, querying massive databases, select micro-targeted campaign audiences, conduct A/B testing, discover lookalike audiences, and much more, all without writing a single line of code.

Additionally, our backend data quality tools allow marketing to utilize all of their available data without having to worry about duplicate files, integration challenges, and more.

Marketing professionals benefit most from:

  • Getting structured and trackable insights on marketing campaign success via sales disposition updates.
  • Eliminating the heavy dependence on IT to operate the data.
  • Rigorous built-in data cleansing features and the ability to easily combine various sources of first and third-party data to enrich customer insights.
  • The ability to precisely pinpoint the most profitable target audiences and stay on top of the customer journey.
  • Getting vast analytical insights and accurately creating lookalike audiences.

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