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Awesome Features

Catch incorrectly formatted data before it costs you money

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The ultimate solution for any technical or non-technical professional onboarding, migrating, or importing large data files with millions of rows which require specific formatting or content.

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ValiDiffer’s enhanced data differencing features analyze the entire data set, not just the headers, and produce comprehensive analysis reports outlining any data discrepancies and variation within your files.


ValiDiffer™ specializes in data validation. Its A.I. driven validation features help you ensure imported data is correctly formatted, properly standardized, and ready for action.

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ValiDiffer™ utilizes AI, neural networks, and machine learning as an aid to automatically learn, validate, map, fix, and transform as much of your data into your ideal onboarding state as possible.

The Perfect Use Case


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ValiDiffer MetaData comparison

MetaData Comparison

This functionality compares and visualizes a complete metadata trending analysis of 30+ metrics for each field of information and its corresponding values (E.g., data_size, max_lines, confidence_score, distsize, data_type, specialty_data_type, etc.)

ValiDiffer Data comparison

Data Comparison

This functionally enables you to select a ‘Data Key Colum’ for comparison after which the data gets split horizontally allowing for side-by-side comparisons of data values. This feature is great for price sheet, product, invoice, and similar side-by-side comparisons.

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No Code

ValiDiffer is a no-code solution containing
a simple drag-and-drop interface.

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A.I. Driven

ValiDiffer utilizes A.I., neural networks, and
machine learning to optimize every onboard.

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ValiDiffer is an end-to-end solution; from
data onboard to file delivery.

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Metadata Trending Analytics

Discover, track, and visualize
file analyses & validation reports.

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Scalable Processing

ValiDiffer is capable of onboarding and
processing data files of nearly any size (TBs).

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Customizable Thresholds

User defined criteria and thresholds
for custom file analyses.

Eliminate costly redos


ValiDiffer's core competence is providing visual metadata trending analytics which points out any possible errors and/or concerns with your file prior to import (in what we call 'data escrow') to validate and ensure a smooth data onboarding experience and avoid costly 'redo' cycles.

Use Case Description


ValiDiffer accepts a wide variety of structure file formats and is capable of analyzing data files of nearly any size (TB+).

Native Integrations Include:

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ValiDiffer data onboarding
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Any technical or non-technical professional onboarding data which requires specific formatting or content. Think customer success, marketing, product, IT teams and more. Let ValiDiffer help those responsible for onboarding your data!


Troparé conducted a yearlong internal study of live customer data flows which showed a single client, with large bi-weekly data imports, can easily save $100,000+ in technical support costs by utilizing ValiDiffer over a 12 month period of time.

VDF cloud infrastructure
Users utilizing VDF in the Cloud


Simple drag and drop interface with intuitive operations fit for professionals of any technical expertise (no coding required).

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Troparé Benefits

Three of Troparé solutions, ValiDiffer™, tStudio®, and tProspector, can function in consort as a closed loop system but can be operated completely independent as well.

Data may be onboarded through ValiDiffer for validation and content verification, then imported into, manipulated, and transformed by tStudio after which interactive dashboards, data visualizations, reports, and campaigns can be created. Any campaign can be outputted to traditional marketing channels (e.g. email, call, etc.) as well as directly to the native tProspector mobile application which can be used by various selling channels.

Troparé is uniquely positioned in the market to provide this ‘closed loop’ system combining the best of a data validation tool, marketing data analytics platform, and a mobile sales acquisition/prospecting application.

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