Troparé Studio


Troparé Studio - ready to put your data to full use

Troparé Studio (T-Studio) is a workbench-like marketing studio consisting of eight (8) powerful closed-loop data solutions transforming data-driven marketing work cycles.

Simply ingest data from over forty-five (45) different sources, including all the major CRMs and (cloud-based) databases to be cleansed, transformed, standardized, and compiled, and start using tStudio’s built-in solutions to not only help fuel new outreach and answer your business/campaign performance questions, but to truly start operating your data to its fullest potential.

What Features Are Built-in?

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Automated Scheduling

Each process within T-Studio can be scheduled to run at pre-configured times.  Users may want to schedule the reoccurring ingestion of certain data file updates, run prediction or data-matching batches at set times in a day/week/month, export territory assignments, and more.

Marketing Work Cycle

Having all the data solutions you need to actionably operate and analyze your data within a single platform not only increases productivity – it creates a completely new work methodology, accelerating the entire pipeline and ultimately business success.

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A La Carte Selection Available

Troparé Studio flowchart overview