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Machine Learning Through Artificial Intelligence
The Cure to Your Data Deluge

With a shift in power from industry to consumer, traditional marketing has forcefully undergone a radical transformation. Read more about this newly established approach here.

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Crush Your Next Sale with Data-Driven Prospecting
Base Your Decisions on Facts, Not Assumptions

Sales prospecting is one of the most time-consuming stages in the sales cycle, and unfortunately often does not result in a reward. Read how you can overcome your prospecting hurdles here.

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The Impact of Data-Driven Marketing on Lead Generation
The Era of Hyper-Personalization

Data-driven marketing techniques are increasingly prioritized in CMO’s agendas across the globe.  Read more about the impact of hyper-personalization on today's lead generation here.

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From Data-Driven Marketing to Data-Driven Sales
The Increasing Need for Sales Enablement

With personalization being the ‘new’ undertone of every outbound data-driven marketing effort, how does sales live up, and contribute, to this same phenomenon?  Read more about the increasing need for sales enablement here.

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Fueling Personal Relationships and Directing the Customer Journey
The Pursuit of 1:1 Marketing

Data, data, and more data. With modern day marketing required to be more personal than ever before, marketing departments are becoming more data-driven than ever before.  Read more about the schift to personalization here.

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Model Building, Pattern Finding, and Accurate Audience Predictions
Machine Learning Meets Modern Day Marketing

Targeting, deciding which offer to send to which customer, often relies on the marketing team’s ‘gut-feeling’ of what the right audience is for a campaign.  Can machine learning, combined with data driven marketing, allow organizations to exceed traditional best-practice marketing approaches? Read about it here.