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Troparé is a privately held software company developing self-service B2B data solutions, which empower marketing and sales professionals to operate more effectively and efficiently.

Data-driven marketers have access to a completely self-service, closed-loop marketing data management studio consisting of eight (8) powerful data solutions set to boost productivity and effectiveness – without dependency on IT.  Data-driven sales teams are empowered by the Troparé prospecting suite, consisting of both native mobile and desktop sales acceleration solutions.

With twenty (20) issued patents, multiple Fortune 50, F100, and high-growth customers in various verticals, Troparé is growing into a household name within the B2B data-driven marketing and sales acceleration space.

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*Additional Information

Troparé began fully publicly promoting itself under its own company logo in January 2019 after predominantly serving as a white label software provider to various large B2B data providers.

  • Troparé currently holds 20 technology patents and has an additional 6 pending.

  • Troparé is a Delaware corporation.

  • Troparé is an official data licensor of leading, high-quality firmographic, marketability, legal, and credit data.

  • Troparé HQ is located just two blocks from the beach allowing us to surf everyday!