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With data fueling modern-day marketing, Troparé hands marketers the tools to onboard, operate, query, and master this phenomenon without requiring any technical expertise. Troparé enables marketing professionals to overcome the challenges of working with big-data. Users can single-handedly onboard, validate, and manage numerous sources of data, query massive databases, simply create micro-targeted campaign audiences, conduct A/B testing, discover lookalike audiences, and much more – all without writing a single line of code.


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  • Key ValiDiffer™ Benefits

    • No Code
      ValiDiffer is a no-code solution containing simple drag-and-drop tools to specify and set data onboarding criteria, validation rules, file requirements, and data transformation sequences.

    • AI Driven
      ValiDiffer utilizes AI, neural networks, and machine learning as an aid to automatically validate, map, fix, and transform as much of your data into your ideal onboarding state as possible.

    • End-to-End Solution
      ValiDiffer is an end-to-end solution capable of not only natively ingesting, validating, and onboarding a wide variety of data structures, but optionally transforming, enriching, deduping, matching, and delivering the optimized data into your platform of choice as well.


  • Key tStudio® Benefits

    • Have all fundamental modern-day marketing solutions wrapped into one high speed self-service data management studio – completely independent from IT.

    • Get structured and trackable insights on marketing campaign success via closed-loop sales disposition updates and reporting.

    • Eliminate the heavy dependence on IT to operate every data need.

    • Utilize rigorous built-in data cleansing and transformation features. Easily combine, match, or append various sources of first and third-party data to enrich customer insights, prevent de-duplication, etc.

    • Get vast analytical insights through built-in statistical tests and data visualization.

    • Export marketing campaigns to field sales reps with the push of a button.