Marketing Professionals


With data fueling modern-day marketing, Troparé hands marketers the tools to operate, query, and master this phenomenon without requiring any technical expertise, background, or training.  Marketing professionals are able to single-handedly manage numerous sources of data, query massive databases, select micro-targeted campaign audiences, conduct A/B testing, discover lookalike audiences, and much more, all without writing a single line of code.

Additionally, our DataBlender™ allows marketing to utilize all of their available data without having to worry about duplicate files, integration challenges, and more.

Marketing professionals benefit most from:

Having all fundamental modern-day marketing solutions wrapped into one high speed self-service data management studio – completely independent from IT.

Troparé Desktop Dashboard

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Modern-Day Marketers
  • Get structured and trackable insights on marketing campaign success via sales disposition updates and reporting.
  • Eliminate the heavy dependence on IT to operate your every data need.
  • Utilize rigorous built-in data cleansing and transformation features, easily combine, match, or append various sources of first and third-party data to enrich customer insights, prevent de-duplication, etc.
  • Get vast analytical insights through built-in statistical tests and data visualization.