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Amazing Marketing Tools for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMB's)

Every company, large or small, has the identical mission to best serve its customers, operate effective and efficiently, and generate the best possible returns. Marketing tools for small businesses require to be nimble, highspeed, cost effective, and natively integrate different cloud-based marketing database management services. Whether you are looking for specific online marketing, database marketing, email marketing, direct mail marketing, or list management tools, a small business marketing tool has to be data driven first.

Troparé hands SMB marketers the tools to operate, query, and master data driven marketing without requiring any technical expertise. Users can single-handedly use Troparé Studio™ to ingest and manage numerous sources of data, query massive databases, simply create micro-targeted campaign audiences, conduct A/B testing, discover lookalike audiences, create and share visual dashboards, and much more – all without writing a single line of code.


Effective Database Marketing Software

Troparé Studio™

Troparé Studio™ (tStudio) is a workbench-like marketing data management studio consisting of eight (8) powerful closed-loop data solutions transforming data-driven work cycles.

  • Key SMB Marketing Benefits

    • Have all fundamental modern-day database marketing management solutions wrapped into a single high-speed data management studio – completely independent from IT.

    • Flexible payment options (don’t get stuck with long contracts that demand a lot of upfront capital).

    • Get structured and trackable insights on marketing campaign success via closed-loop sales disposition updates, sales management tools, and visual reporting.

    • Eliminate the heavy dependence on IT or contractors to operate your data needs.

    • Utilize rigorous built-in data cleansing and transformation features. Easily combine, match, or append various sources of first and third-party data to enrich customer insights, prevent de-duplication, etc.

    • Get vast analytical insights through built-in statistical tests and data visualization.

    • Export B2B marketing campaigns to field sales reps with the push of a button.


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