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What is Troparé Sheets?

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Troparé Sheets is a patented technology used by more than 4.5 million users worldwide, that allows anyone to easily create and share mobile applications using Google Sheets or spreadsheets within Box!

Looking to create an app to accelerate your business, advance workflows, or simplify ongoing processes? Interested in creating an app for your sports team? For your kids? Or maybe for your next family gathering? All you need is a Google or Box account, an idea, and Troparé Sheets to make an app of it – all completely for free!

No Coding Required – Completely Free – Create Unlimited Apps from Spreadsheets!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the fastest way to create an app using Troparé Sheets?

Pick one of the templates listed here, fill in your email address and click the ‘Create app!’  button. You’ll then automatically receive an email with instructions to configure and publish your app. Alternatively, you can share any Google or Box Spreadsheet with '' which will automatically send you a verification code to access and download your specific app.

Is Troparé Sheets really free?

Yes, Troparé Sheets is 100% free. We love to share our technology with the world and will not charge you for anything.

I can’t find the template I want in the list of templates, what do I do?

Looking for a specific template but don’t see it listed? Please email us at with your template request and we’ll see what we can do!

If I delete my Google or Box spreadsheet, will it delete the app as well?

If you delete a spreadsheet you used to create an app with, that spreadsheet will no longer appear in your app under ‘Your Sheets’, and will no longer appear under ‘Sheets Shared With You’ for any of the people you shared it with.

Is the Troparé Sheets app creation technology really patented?

You bet it is. We’ve been creating apps like this for over 16 years now and have an active, issued patent on this technology.

Where can I download the Troparé Sheets app?

You can download the Troparé Sheets app straight from the Apple App store and Google Play store. On your mobile device, click here to download the app.

Where can I find more documentation and/or user guides?

Please visit our support portal for more information.