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Field Sales Prospecting Tools

Business-to-business field sales professionals heavily rely on mobile prospecting tools to retrieve and consume sales intelligence while out on the road. Traditionally field sales reps spend about one (1) or two (2) days per week prepping their weekly outreach, and another combined eight (8) hours per week updating their pipeline, logging CRM activities, or editing their scripts. Comparatively, only very little time is actually spend ‘selling’.

To enable field sales representatives to do what they do best, Troparé offers its unique B2B mobile prospecting application ‘mProspector™’. The mProspector is a location-based mobile prospecting solution transforming the Prospect to Customer journey by layering and displaying vast amounts of disparate business sales intelligence data on top of prospect and/or lead data to enhance sales insights and accelerate success.

B2B prospecting has never been this easy. This prospecting application shows field sellers exactly where their prospects are located, news and insights into their industry, who their key contact is, what their propensity to purchase is, which marketing campaign this account has been touch by, and so much more. See for yourself!


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Sales Intelligence Regarding Your Next Customers

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Mobile B2B Sales Prospecting

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Sales Intelligence Reporting

  • Mobile Reporting

    All app activity is fully logged fueling visual sales activity and performance reports on an individual rep, team, territory, business, and campaign level. Performance data can easily be displayed and monitored in numerous tables and graphs, and feed directly into tStudio™.

  • Customizations

    All applications are completely customizable to seamlessly integrate with your current company sales prospecting methodology, routines, workflows, and data flows.

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