Desktop Sales Explorer (DSE)


As an internal sales representative working at your company’s call center, or starting your next cold-call campaign, you desire instant access to key up-to-date information regarding the individual you are about to call next.

The Desktop Sales Explorer (DSE) allows you to search through hundreds of millions of consumer and business related data records in seconds and offers pre-compiled key account and/or company details, related news stories, campaign data, industry content, competitor reviews, propensity to purchase, and more.

Sales representatives get immediate background information on the prospect/customer and can easily personalize the conversation — not to just read a script and robo-type results.

All the sales information you’ll need right at your fingertips


Always be prepared for your next call

Get instant access to easily formatted, detailed information that will initiate quality conversations and spark engagement.

Streamline your workflow

Instantly search, review, prioritize, and save leads, create micro-targeted call-lists, add notes and call transcripts, schedule appointments, and organize your approach by keeping track of all your sales leads in one place — vastly improving productivity.

Keep an updated and unified sales cycle

Communicate with sales representatives in the field, efficiently share notes and updates, send messages, schedule appointments for designated territorial reps, push ‘alert’ notifications with important disposition updates to reps in close proximity to the prospect/customer, and more.

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