data matching

Data Matching

Match Your Data, Extend Your Insights

Data matching has become a crucial element in helping organizations keep their data uniform as volumes of data continue to increase. Data matching prevents the intake of duplicate data, while at the same time enabling the ability to enrich existing datasets with additional second and/or third party data.

Troparé Data Matching enables users to accurately match, combine, and append records referring to a single entity deriving from different data sources, via an easy and self-service workflow.


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  • Matching Algorithm

    Troparé's proprietary matching algorithms are superior to the standard, generalized matching algorithms most commonly used (our clients will happily testify to this). Each match gets an assigned ‘match score’ representing the exact resemblance between records which can be set to a predefined threshold.

  • Fuzzy Matching

    As disparate data sources typically do not hold a common entity identifier, Troparé matching algorithms analyze each individual record’s attributes in search of (partial) identity indicators to determine a match.

  • Data Append

    Troparé facilitates data appending to avoid the merger of data sources. This allows users to keep a clear distinction between sources while still running analysis against the entire set.

  • Match Identification

    Different elements belonging to the same record (e.g. Troparé, Tropare, Troparé Inc., and Tropare Inc.) get stored in a single record but are searchable by the entire list of names.

Features and Benefits

    • Discard duplicate content

    • Simplify data analyses across multiple data sets

    • Greatly expand record insights with additional information

    • Append data without merging

    • Define precise and intelligent selections for future campaigns

    • Identify key links between datasets

    • Increase data accuracy, efficiency, and usability