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Troparé Studio animated overview of all solutions and dataflowData analytics and business intelligence tools are closely intertwined. Both tool sets – in their own ways – facilitate data collection, data analyses, and data insights for reporting and visualizations.

Differentiators between data analytics and BI tools can be found in the fact that data analytics tools typically have a heavier emphasis on data ingestion, data transformation, and predictive analytics (making it more difficult to operate and thus less accessible), where BI tools more so focus on visualizing and analyzing current data sets for better decision making.

Troparé Studio™, Troparé’s self-service data management studio, uniquely combines data analytics and business intelligence capabilities in a single platform to fuel not just informed decision making but closed-loop data flows between marketing and sales as well.

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Self-Service BI & Analytics

Troparé Studio™ (tStudio) is a workbench-like marketing studio consisting of eight (8) powerful closed-loop data solutions transforming data-driven workflows. Users can simply ingest data from a wide variety of sources, perform powerful ELT data transformation processes, visually analyze the data, create dashboards, reports, micro-targeted campaign/list audiences, and more. With the push of a button business intelligence reports can be shared with (field) sales reps creating an instant flow of information between marketing and sales through this self-service data analytics tool.

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Troparé Studio™ (tStudio)

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Best Business Intelligence Tools in Marketing and Sales Technologies

With a shift in power from industry to consumer, traditional marketing has forcefully undergone a radical transformation. Companies are quickly increasing their interest and marketing spend on systems designed to analyze maximum amounts of business and consumer information.

In a digital landscape, the consumers’ online access helps drive informed decisions. As such, businesses are keen to gather and process online behavioral data and use the insights obtained to drive decisions and strategies. Legacy systems are being replaced with analytically driven technologies and tools that capture data in single-view dashboards and allow marketers to utilize data firsthand.

Data Analytics Tools have become the ultimate self-service marketing tool and ‘enabler’ for marketing and sales to process and extract information from massive amounts of data in their approach. Facilitating analytical model building to discovering hidden insights and producing business intelligence reports is proving to be most helpful.