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Troparé customers predominantly include Fortune 500 companies, as well as high-growth companies in various verticals.  Many of our customers have migrated from, or use us in addition to, platforms such as Acxiom, Salesforce, Infogroup, and Hoovers due to their difficulty in efficiently operating, cleansing, and enhancing large quantities of data, unfriendly user-interfaces, lack of predictive / analytical capabilities, and generic mobile abilities.

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The Client

A Major US Telecommunication Provider

The Situation

  • Client was producing an extremely limited number of outbound campaigns per month.
  • Data came from numerous different sources and was very costly and time-consuming to cleanse, merge/purge, align, and utilize.
  • Client struggled to create effective campaign audience segments, not knowing who to target – relying on gut-feelings.
  • Client was experiencing a great dependence on IT, resulting in extensive lost-time due to ineffective workflows, technically limited systems, and time consuming query executions (3 hour query return speeds).
  • Client was experiencing minimal campaign performance due to broadly targeted approach.
  • Little to no insights in campaign performance/ROI.

The Solution

  • Troparé set-up a swift and cost-effective data preparation and enhancement cycle allowing resources to be used efficiently on clean data.
  • Troparé introduced Troparé Studio, allowing the client to generate micro-targeted marketing campaigns in any format, instantly – without having to rely on IT to operate the data.
  • Troparé designed and executed several customer specific features allowing client to convert and scale seamlessly.

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  • Client now has clean, usable data, integrated into a single entity.
  • Significant increase in campaign efficacy due to targeted audience selections.
  • Client has ability to generate a near unlimited* number of micro-targeted campaigns per month, increasing its outreach and promotion.
  • Saved time and money by eliminating the dependence on IT to operate the data.
  • The ability to accurately measure and track campaign performance via closed loop processing, make instant adjustments where needed, and precisely pinpoint ROI.

The Client

One of the Nation's Largest Wireless Network Providers

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The Situation

  • Client was looking for ways to increase the effectiveness of its nationwide (outbound) sales teams.
  • Client desired a way to connect its outbound sales teams, maintain a constantly updated CRM, and align their marketing and sales professionals.
  • Client was seeking a solution that was fast, easy to implement, and highly effective.

The Solution

  • Troparé introduced the mProspector™, a highly efficient mobile sales enablement solution that connects and mobilizes sales teams, and gives them instant access to prospect/customer specific campaign data, purchase propensity, relevant company news and insights, company contact and location information, industry content, competitor analyses, and more.
  • Troparé set up a swift and cost-effective data preparation and enhancement cycle, allowing all of the client’s relevant marketing and sales data to be merged and made compatible for mobile.
  • Troparé designed a module automatically updating the client’s CRM with every sales disposition update.

The Outcome

Client directly assigned a 20:1 ROI increase due to Troparé
  • Outbound sales teams show a vast significant increase in effectiveness, sales success, and reduction in sales cycle duration.
  • Client experiences a significant increase in sales territory efficiency.
  • Marketing and sales now collaborate in the data exchange, establishing insights and reports on both marketing and sales effectiveness.
  • A vastly accelerated workflow - eliminating lost time in travel, time consuming sales research, and wasted time on prospects/customers with a low propensity of purchasing.
  • An always up-to-date and accessible CRM – allowing them to have a clear overview of all their data at all time.
  • A total time-to-value of less than two weeks.