Executive Management


As buying cycles become more sophisticated and data is pervasive across all business units, the integration between marketing and sales becomes ever more critical for meeting and exceeding lead-to-revenue goals.  Research has shown that companies with strong collaborative marketing and sales teams can achieve up to 20% annual growth rates, while misaligned organizations typically underperform by 10 – 20% annual revenue.

Troparé empowers the alignment of your marketing and sales professionals by unifying the data exchange, and presenting key data insights to the right person, at the right time, in the right place.

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Executive Management benefits most from:

  • Increased revenue and growth rates.
  • Access to detailed sales reporting and lead activity monitoring on both an individual and campaign level.
  • Data-driven insights to achieve a better understanding of the market and ability to optimize marketing and sales strategy.
  • Access to detailed marketing campaign data for a measurable ROI on marketing effort.

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