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Troparé empowers field sales professionals with a unique data-driven prospecting suite of mobile and desktop sales intelligence solutions.

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Data-driven marketers have access to a completely self-service data analytics platform consisting of eight (8) powerful closed-loop data solutions that accelerate results.

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Self-Service Data Solutions For Marketing & Sales

Built to overcome the challenges of working with disparate data, Troparé’s data analytics software (tStudio™), field sales technology (tProspector), and data onboarding and validation tool (ValiDiffer™) streamline your data operations for optimized performance across the board.

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Building a sustainable and profitable business largely depends on the ability to translate vast amounts of data into actionable insights. These insights are valuable for many directions of enterprise activity, especially for marketing and sales.

The need to integrate data from various sources and apply it to segment a target audience has stipulated the appearance of marketing data management systems (MDMS). Introducing such a platform allows highly personalized targeting across multiple channels. Moreover, the customer engagement road map also sees improvement through this approach. The secret to successful marketing campaigns is getting a significant impact through big data.

Despite all of the technological advancements and improvements, marketing and sales departments still struggle to align their efforts and optimize results, driving additional sales by converting more of the “right” prospects to customers. Applying a stable and well-tuned B2B prospecting and analytics platform can uncover opportunities such as:

 - Customer insights application for cross-sales.

 - Improvement in a personalized experience.

 - Optimization of order processes.

 - Better content management (taking into account a diverse range of devices and channels).

 - Growth in lead nurturing.

Top Data Analytics Platforms

With so many analytical tools on the market today, each with its own nuances, consolidating functionalities into a single platform can help marketing and sales gain full advantage of the B2B lead generation and prospect development potential for accelerating business growth.

Readiness to take risks and apply new approaches and techniques can be highly rewarding. Developing the ability to combine data gained from legacy/disparate sources with in-house data can help companies refine and continually improve sales and marketing return on investment (ROI) and results.

Modernization and improvement should not be regarded as a one-time activity for those attempting to get more sales. To keep up with the market dynamics and rapidly developing technologies, companies should focus on turning their data insights into real profits. The most direct path to achieve this is efficiently utilizing the sales funnel.

In conclusion, important steps to marketing and sales growth include building an analytics foundation, modernizing legacy systems, applying big data in strategy development, adopting micro-market orientation and implementing a top data analytics platform. These are ongoing tasks that require continual improvement in order to be prepared for the constantly changing demand.

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Troparé offers a combination of data analytics tools, sales intelligence, lead generation, and field sales prospecting solutions — all wrapped into one easy-to-use, data analytics studio.

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