Clean, accurate, and comprehensive customer and prospect data drives every current day marketing and sales endeavor. Preparing actionable data files, however, especially those with information stored in various locations, different formats, CRMs, and discordant file structures, can be a complex and time-consuming process.  Troparé DataBlender™ serves to overcome that hurdle, enabling users to prepare, blend, and transform data in a completely self-service, visual work-flow without requiring any technical expertise – right on the cloud.

Utilize all of your data to its fullest potential.

Synthesize Your Data Streams



Instant Data Preparation

Design any dataset to your exact specifications using data integration, filter, and transformation objects.

Discover New Insights

Blend local, third-party, and real-time disposition data and create data visualization files to instantly reveal comprehensive business insights.

Self-Service Workflow

Straight-forward, visual, and easy-to-use drag-and-drop workflow.   Operate all of your data from a single interface without any technical expertise or coding skills required.

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Operate More Efficiently

Stop wasting resources on incorrect, duplicate, and outdated information; create quality data sources that serve as the foundation of your business operations.

Unique Identifier

Repeatedly combine, blend, and transform your data while keeping a constant single unique identifier for each record.

Utilize Your Every Data Asset

Ingest data from over 45 different sources directly into DataBlender™ and immediately start your transformation process.