Machine Learning Through Artificial Intelligence

The Cure to Your Data Deluge

The Industry Transformation

machine learningWith a shift in power from industry to consumer, traditional marketing has forcefully undergone a radical transformation. Companies are quickly increasing their interest and marketing spending on systems designed to capture, process, and utilize maximum amounts of business and consumer information.

In a digital landscape, the consumers’ online access helps drive informed decisions. As such, businesses are keen to gather and process online behavioral data and use the insights obtained to drive decisions and strategies. Legacy systems are being replaced with analytically driven technologies and tools that capture data in single-view dashboards and allow marketers to utilize data firsthand.

Machine learning has become the ultimate ‘enabler’ for marketing and sales to process and utilize massive amounts of data in their approach. It automates analytical model building, discovers hidden insights, and applies cognitive reasoning to adjust program actions. All this happens in a big-data ecosystem with complex mathematical calculations applied for predictive purposes.

Marketing and Sales

Marketing and sales have witnessed an explosion of machine learning use for its fast lead-to-revenue trajectory and support of collaborative workflows. Insights into consumer behavior are fast-tracked for customer intelligence and leveraged to optimize company strategy. Both departments have undergone a digital makeover to a newly established data-driven and performance-led approach.

Machine learning enables marketers to complete the big picture, reigning in all the data to establish a mission-critical image of the consumer in real-time. It uses automated cognitive processes to solve complex data-rich challenges, and applies algorithms to initiate actions based on the data. Machine learning helps discover patterns, trends, and insights, automatically acting on those findings to create micro-targeted campaigns. Additionally, it helps to accelerate the entire sales funnel by predicting exactly which prospects will convert, optimizing sales efforts.

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Leveraging Data for Personalized One-To-One Marketing

The personalization of customer experience begins with a 360 degree view of the consumer. Machine learning is critical to a one-to-one strategy - moving along from data segmentation to cognitive application for a decision support system (DSS) in hi-performance computing. This convergence of data, technology, and marketing techniques has given shape to a new form of marketing, where businesses interact with consumer one-to-one, offering personalized offers to suit individual preferences – expanding brand image and customer loyalty.

Bottom Line

As the digital medium of marketing becomes pervasive, companies utilizing machine learning in their data-driven approach are bound to have higher returns on investment.

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Troparé offers a B2B enterprise marketing data management studio with best-in-class marketing, sales, and location-based predictive prospecting solutions. Built to overcome the challenges of working with disparate data, Troparé’s Marketing Data Management Studio (MDMS) and Field Sales Technology streamline and empower marketing and sales professionals to operate more effectively and efficiently.

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