Sales Professionals


Whether you’re a sales professional out in the field, within your company’s internal call center, or managing your sales department, the ability to easily find and manage quality business and consumer leads, swiftly access highly-valuable company insights, and know exactly what to say to spark engagement, get appointments, and close more deals, creates an ideal sales situation.

Become a Master of Your Trade

Sales reps on the street benefit most from:

  • The ability to identify prospects and customers on the go, located nearby in real-time, with up-to-date business information.
  • Built-in predictive analytics, allowing them to focus their energy and time on those prospects/customers with the highest propensity to purchase.
  • Immediate access to marketing campaign data, relevant company news and insights, contact information, industry content, and competitor analyses that will initiate quality conversations and open doors.
  • Managing their entire sales cycle from the road, spending less time behind a desk and more time out selling.

Internal sales reps benefit most from:

  • The ability to define and create micro-targeted call-lists.
  • Instant access to key account and company details, news stories, competitor reviews, and more.
  • Easily adding notes, scheduling appointments, and keeping track of sales leads in one convenient place.
  • Collaborating with field reps by effectively sharing notes, updates, and sending alerts regarding important disposition updates.

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Make Prospecting a Breeze and Accelerate Your Entire Sales Funnel

Sales managers benefit most from:

A consistently up-to-date CRM as sales input data is automatically updated and integrated.
Access to detailed sales reporting and lead activity monitoring on both an individual and campaign level.
Data-driven insights to achieve a better understanding of the market.
A more productive, effective, and aligned sales department.