What We Do


Troparé is a self-service marketing, sales, and location-based predictive prospecting platform.  Our solutions drive actionable insights and visualizations, instant data transformations, and optimized data utilization across the entire organization – without dependency on IT.

Our mission is to help marketing and sales professionals overcome the challenges of working with big-data while accelerating business performance.  We have developed powerful self-service B2B data solutions aimed at non-technical users, completely build from scratch in-house right here in Laguna Beach, powered by our own proprietary database engine.

Troparé utilizes AWS and runs entirely from the cloud.

The Platform

Save valuable time and cost to customer acquisition

Wasting extensive time researching prospects, chasing down bad leads, and trying to keep your CRM up-to-date?  Troparé gives you the tools to do what you do best, SELL. Access up-to-date consumer and business information on the go, automatically see prospects and their probability to purchase within your nearby proximity, input disposition updates to your CRM on the spot, and much more.

Cleanse, prepare, enrich, and expand your data

Struggling with merging different data sources, duplicate records, varying formats, lack of identifiers, unsystematic entries, outdated information, and more?  Troparé is an expert in merge/purge data processing, data cleansing, preparation, and enhancing – making your data actionable and enriching your insights.

Easily find new targeted sales leads

Troparé partners with some of the largest data providers in the nation.  Use our solutions to easily search for new leads, match and enrich your own customer data with new insights, find detailed contact information, phone numbers, (e)-mail addresses and more, readily helping you find new opportunities.

Align your marketing and sales efforts

The integration between marketing and sales becomes ever more critical for meeting and exceeding lead-to-revenue goals.  Our mobile sales enablement solution empowers the alignment between these two departments by unifying the data exchange, allowing key data insights to be accessed by the right person, at the right time, in the right place – fueling successful sales interactions.

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Swiftly create and manage micro-targeted campaign audiences

Creating a micro-targeted campaign audience out of hundreds of millions of available data records typically takes organizations anywhere from 1 hour to 14 days, due to complicated and technically complex systems, slow processing speeds, forced collaboration with IT, third party consultants, and more.  Troparé allows you to define your exact target audience in a matter of seconds, no matter how many millions of data records you wish to query.

Know who to target next

Do you desire to generate extremely accurate, effective, and actionable predictions, segments, and campaigns?  Troparé deploys deep analytical capabilities allowing you to determine ‘lookalike audiences’, predict the probability a prospect will purchase a particular product or service, and enables you to target the right prospect, at the right time, with the right offering – optimizing sales success.

Eliminate dependence on IT

Tired of having to wait on IT to query your data, merge different files, make adjustments to your campaign, and run data analyses?  All Troparé solutions are easy-to-use and completely self-service, allowing even those without any technical expertise or background to operate the tools independently, and perform their jobs more effectively.