What We Do


Troparé is a self-service marketing, sales, and location-based predictive prospecting platform.  Our solutions drive actionable insights and visualizations, instant data transformations, and optimized data utilization across the entire organization – without dependency on IT.

Our mission is to help marketing and sales professionals overcome the challenges of working with big-data while accelerating business performance.  We have a broad spectrum of powerful self-service B2B data solutions aimed at non-technical users, completely build from scratch in-house right here in Laguna Beach, powered by our own proprietary database engine.

Troparé utilizes AWS and runs entirely from the cloud.

Troparé DMS | Flowchart

Troparé DMS Flowchart

Save time & cost to customer acquisition

Wasting extensive time trying to integrate data from disparate source, researching prospects, chasing down bad leads, and trying to keep your CRM up-to-date? Troparé is here to make a change.

Align your marketing and sales efforts

Troparé facilitates sales enablement by unifying the data exchange, allowing key data insights to be accessed by the right person, at the right time, in the right place – fueling successful marketing & sales interactions.

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Troparé Devices

Eliminate IT Dependency

Tired of having to wait on IT to query your data, merge different files, adjust your campaign, run data analyses, and more? All Troparé solutions are easy-to-use and completely self-service – time to take back control.

Proven Performance

Troparé customers predominantly include Fortune 500 companies, as well as high-growth companies in various verticals. We are here to perform, and help you do the same.