Machine Learning   (Predictive analytics)


Machine learning is a method of data analysis defined as a sub-set of artificial intelligence (AI).  With Troparé, you can build highly predictive models capable of easily identifying ‘lookalike audiences’, predict how likely a customer is to purchase a particular product, see the propensity a prospect has to become a customer, and more.

Easily generate binary, categorical, or numeric prediction models without needing a data-scientist.  Just point and click your way through our simple process to get extremely sophisticated results.

Let the data speak for itself..


Troparé Machine Learning lets you:

Discover your most profitable target audience

Compile and process massive amounts of data and discover who you should be targeting next.

Save time & money

Stop spending resources on leads that are unlikely to engage or purchase.

Sell smarter

Know the exact propensity a prospect or customer has to a particular product/service, and what else they would likely be interested in.

Eliminate the guesswork

Stop relying on gut-feelings and assumptions when determining your next campaign audience, product price point, engagement frequency, and more.

Become predictive vs. reactive

Get one step ahead, instead of lagging one step behind.

"Convert more customers, increase engagement,
and dramatically lift revenue".

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