Business Intelligence  &  Analytics


Explore your data through rich visual analytics, interactive dashboards, and statistical analysis.  Quickly build intuitive forecast models, perform powerful calculations, overlap various data sources for alternative analyses, drag & drop reference fields, spot trends, patterns, and more.

Empower your decision-making with data-driven insights.

Actionable Insights, Live Visual Analytics & Instant Data Discovery


Deep Data Analysis

More than just elegant visualizations,
dig deep with a vast array of built-in
statistical tests, analyses, and
calculations to assure strategic
decision making.

Interactive Criteria Filters

Effortlessly create an unlimited amount of custom criteria filters to concentrate your
analyses on specific (sub)-segments of
data, compare cluster results, magnify
detail levels, and more.

Revealing Visualizations

Choose to analyze and present your data in a variety of different ways – from interactive maps with custom geocodes and territories, to (area) spline, stacked bar, pie charts, and more.

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- Executive Reporting -

Easily track, manage, and review company – department – and individual performance levels.

*(Easy customizable data source permissions).

And More..