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Troparé partners with some of the largest data providers in the nation.  We help make their data actionable, and enable their clients to easily create micro-targeted list and campaign audiences, enrich their own customer data, pinpoint their ideal prospects, and more.

We empower our partners’ data to be operated completely independent from IT, greatly increasing their clients’ efficiency and user experience as they no longer have to wait and rely on a team of SQL programmers to program, run, and handle the data.

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A Data Provider


Are you looking for new ways to make your data stickier? Are your clients struggling to process, prepare, digest, and utilize your data to its fullest extent?  Are you seeking additional business models to further monetize your resources?

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Looking to Purchase Data


Are you seeking quality and up-to-date consumer and/or business data to further enrich your own customer insights, find new sales leads, filter and segment on specific criteria, and boost your campaign success?  Troparé partners with a significant number of the nation’s leading data providers and can get you up and running in no time.

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Struggling to Operate My Data


With data deriving from countless different sources, in many different formats, and constantly growing quantities, it can be extremely challenging to maintain control of your data.  Troparé specializes in making data actionable. From preparing, cleansing, and enhancing your data via merge/purge, data integration, matching, appending, standardizing, processing and more, to making it easy and intuitive for non-IT specialists to utilize data to its fullest potential in today’s marketing and sales environment.

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