Mobile Prospecting Application   (mProspectorTM)


Locate, qualify, prepare, and contact your most promising sales leads in seconds — right from your smartphone or tablet.  Using our mobile sales enablement solution 'mProspectorTM’, you’ll have all the tools you need to get the job done, increase your sales success, and grow your business.

Here’s why:

The biggest challenge for field sales representatives is the lack of sales intelligence, resulting in wasted sales time while trying to find resources.  Troparé fixes that problem by giving reps mobile access to hundreds of millions of leading business and consumer data records, immediate access to prospect/customer specific campaign data, relevant company news and insights, company contact information, industry content, competitor analyses, and more.  However, it certainly does not end there..

Introduce Sales to Your Next Customers


The mProspector is a true location-based prospecting solution, letting you easily identify prospects and customers in close proximity to your current geo-location in real-time.  Additionally, powered by our deep analytic capabilities, the mProspector generates specific purchase propensity scores for every individual sales lead, allowing sales representatives to solely focus their time and energy on those prospects/customers with the highest propensity to purchase.

This is not a run of the mill generic application with some extensions.  The mProspector is completely customized on a per customer basis, but without the custom wait times or fees.  We have been generating high-scale mobile apps for 10 years (that's nearly 2 years prior to the iPhone's debut).  Our mobile platform is used by over 4.5 million end-users worldwide.

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The mProspector allows you to:

  • Locate any business near you

  • Precisely see a prospect / customer’s exact propensity to purchase

  • Utilize 'Smart Prefix' search abilities to instantly filter through hundreds of millions of U.S. business and consumer data records, set filters, and save search criteria

  • Access up-to-date campaign data, relevant company news and insights, industry content, competitor analyses, and more

  • See company contact information (names, titles, phone numbers, email address(es), mailing address(es) etc.)

  • Set favorites, view saved searches, schedule appointments, add notes, photos, disposition updates, and more

  • Get directions to your next destination

  • See exactly what marketing campaigns are being pushed so you know which sales pitch to deliver

  • Message with fellow team members

  • Receive alerts regarding important sales updates and get notifications from management

  • Feed data directly into your CRM

And Much More!

Industry Verticals:

Medical Devices
Real Estate
Office Supplies
Banking / Financial Services
Food & Beverages

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