Mobile Prospecting Application   (mProspectorTM)


Locate, qualify, prepare, and contact your most promising sales leads in seconds — right from your smartphone or tablet.  The mProspectorTM is a location-based mobile prospecting solution transforming the Prospect to Customer journey by layering vast amounts of disparate business intelligence data on top of prospect and/or lead data to enhance sales intelligence and accelerate success.  Optimize your sales process with key insights at your fingertips.

Introduce Sales to Your Next Customers


Sales Enablement

Create your marketing campaigns in T-Studio and directly output them to mProspector so your field sales reps are instantly aware of new campaign promotions & objectives, see exactly which business is part of which campaign, which sales pitch to give, purchase propensity, and more.

CRM Compatibility

The mProspector is a completely closed-loop application able to ingest and export data to and from all major CRMs.  Any sales disposition updates, account progess, photos, notes, messages, - you name it, are all streamed right back into your CRM.

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Stacked with features and functionalities, the mProspector not only assists but guides through ‘push’ methodology.   Alerts, prompts, and notifications help reps simply navigate and accelerate the sales cycle.

Industry Verticals Include:

Insurance, Telecommunications, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical, Construction Materials, Food & Beverage, and more.

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Mobile Reporting

All app activity is fully logged fueling visual sales activity and performance reports on an individual rep, team, territory, business, and campaign level.
Performance data can easily be displayed and monitored in numerous tables and graphs, and feed directly into T-Studio.